MOCA Fresh Auction 2012

Pae White, Photo Credit: MOCA

So, I get these songs stuck in my head…Every time I think about MOCA’s upcoming Fresh Auction this Saturday, this song pops into my head.  If you were born before 1975 you probably can guess it.  Now that the painfully tragic memory of that song is stuck in YOUR head (you’re welcome), let’s talk about the upcoming auction.

Since my art budget was blown the other day in Santa Monica, I decided to check out the free Preview of the works up for auction this Saturday.  Hundreds of works are beautifully curated and on display at MOCA’s Grand Av location.  There are some AMAZING pieces.

While surveying the lots up for auction I couldn’t help but dream of my fantasy collection (if I had Warren Buffett money, or won the lotto and opened a gallery). So here is my curated selection of works:

Top: Charles Gaines, Bottom: Shepard Fairey

I’ve been following Charles Gaines recently, and was really glad to see one of his works today.  Here’s a closer look:

What I liked about Shepard Fairey’s piece is that it had a Hokusai feel too it.  Very different from what I’m used to seeing from him.

Rena Small, "Mike Kelley for Artist Hands Grid Continuum"

I may be biased now, but after our come up of a Rena Small at Incognito on Saturday, I was thrilled to spot the above piece today.

Cindy Sherman

I really love Cindy Sherman, but after watching PBS’ Art:21 feature on her in the “Transformation” episode, I now absolutely adore this woman as an artist (despite the segment having an excruciatingly painful section of clowns…long story).  I was captivated by her creative process.  I plan to dedicate more to her in future posts.

Robert Rauschenberg
John Baldessari,Three Government Personal
Danny First
Aaron Kraten
Fred Tomaselli
Gary Baseman
Gregory Michael Hernandez
Olga Komondouros, "Elimination"

If you’re at MOCA Grand and looking for a restroom, just look for this piece by Olga Komondouros.  It was strategically placed by the loo… Cheeky. (pun intended.)

Pae White, "Fool's Gold"

That’s a wrap for me.  For more looks at all the Auction, click here.  Let me know what you have your eye on!

Fresh, for twenty-twelve… you suckas! (If you get that reference I am loving you right now)

My 2012 Art Forecast Calls for Travel, lots of Travel…

Photo Credit: Complex Magazine

Now that the holidays are behind us and the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday is slowly coming to an end, my mind starts to drift toward thoughts of my next mini-vacation.  Thanks to an article I read on HVW8 Gallery’s Facebook page, I’ve been inspired to travel around some of the shows highlighted in Complex Magazine’s 25 Most Anticipated Art Shows of 2012.  They noted some great exhibitions; among my “must sees” are:

1.  Os Gemeos @ Prism in West Hollywood, 2/25/2012-3/24/2012

2.  Keith Haring @ the Brooklyn Museum, 3/16/2012-7/8/2012.  I saw Keith Haring’s show at SF MOMA in 1998 and I’d love another chance to see more of his work.

3.  Cindy Sherman @MOMA 2/26/2012-6/11/2012.  When BCAM first opened in 2008, there was an entire gallery dedicated to Sherman (Eli Broad has one of the most comprehensive collections of her work).  Can’t wait to see this retrospective.

4.  Art of Video Games @ the Smithsonian 3/16/2012-9/30/2012.  Leave it to Complex Magazine to include this one!  For anyone who has a gamer in their life, this show sounds interesting.

5.  Parra @ SF MOMA 3/31/2013-7/29/2012