Bourdain Cooks Up… A Comic Book?

“Get Jiro”. My dog Khan wanted a piece of Jiro too & bit the upper left corner of my copy!

While at Golden Apple on Melrose a few weeks ago, the store was abuzz with talk about Comic-Con.  This really isn’t my scene, but when I saw a copy of “Get Jiro!”, by Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose, I picked up a copy.  It seems that the world renown chef turned writer, globetrotter and all around Renaissance man has penned a comic book set in the not so distant future of Los Angeles.  The book’s protagonist, Jiro-san, is a talented but troubled sushi chef trapped in a District 9-esque food desert overrun with sugar pushers, Big Gulp guzzlers and fast food fanatics.  The city’s inner-circle is dominated by two chefs who control the entire food distribution chain for the entire city.

When the two chefs/warlords learn of Jiro’s talents, the battle for food domination ensues.  Who will prevail and who will “Get Jiro”?

The book was a fun read that pokes fun at our obsession with food and the cult of personality that predominates our culture.  I suspect that after years of book tours, speaking engagements and filming shows, this book was a catharsis for Bourdain-Jiro-san doesn’t suffer fools gladly (I particularly liked his treatment of culinary treasure hunting, PBR drinking hipster foodies).

Recovering foodies, comic book lovers and Bourdain followers will all appreciate Bourdain’s story telling and the artwork by Langdon Foss and Jose Villarrubia is visually captivating.  Go Get Jiro and I guarantee you will never dip your sushi rice in soy sauce again!

HEADS UP (Pun intended if you read the book):  Fanboys and Fangirls can get a chance to see Bourdain talk about Get Jiro at Comic-Con on Friday the 13th. Word is he is pretty geeked out about attending this year too!

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