Mike Stilkey Mural @ the Standard

Mike Stilkey, "Zoo Drop"
Mike Stilkey, “Zoo Drop”

I love the latest mural at the Standard DTLA by artist Mike Stilkey.  This mural left me wanting to learn more.  I particularly like what he has done with his book sculptures which attempt to breathe new life into old books by telling a new, visual story through their assemblage.

Mike Stilkey, Photo Credit; Huffington Post UK

I also found it interesting that Stilkey has work featured at the new Disney Wondergound Gallery.  I’ve heard great things about this space over the last few weeks and I’m hoping to check it out during my annual trip to the park with my niece and nephew.  Yeah, you know you’re getting old when you’d rather see art at Disneyland vs going on Space Mountain but, I digress…

The Wondergound Gallery at Downtown Disney opened on June 9 and features art inspired by Disney and Pixar films.  If you’re planning a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth”, this appears to be a lovely cultural respite from Disneyrama.

For more on Mike Stilkey and his amazing sculptures, check out this article by HuffPo UK.

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