Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

Photo Credit: Grazia Daily.CO.UK.

Years ago I scoffed at the idea of contemporary art merging with fashion.  It all started when I went to the “© Murakami” exhibit at MOCA in 2008.  Talk about an “Exit through the Gift Shop”, moment, I was completely turned off by the fact that Louis Vuitton had a boutique inside the Geffen Contemporary.  In reality I was more annoyed by the crowds who were more driven by buying the handbags vs understanding or even appreciating the art.  In the years that have followed I have come to appreciate the value of both mediums independently and now I see the value in their convergence.  There are many similarities in the repetitive, painstaking attention to detail in both Murakami’s and Yayoi Kusama’s work, so it comes as no surprise that Marc Jacobs has chosen Kusama for Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration.

In July Louis Vuitton will introduce their “Infinitely Kusama” Collection which features pieces inspired by the 82-year-old artist’s work.  Looking forward to seeing more of the collection in the weeks to come.

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