Tuesday Inspiration- Tokyo: As Seen Through a Handbag

Arnaud Pykva, “Walking Lady”, 2011, Photo Credit: Dior.com

Not just any handbag…  The Lady Dior.

Background:  Hands down, my favorite fashion blogger is Garance Doré.  Not only is she an accomplished photographer and blogger, she is an incredible story-teller with a keen eye for fabulous handbags.  She was recently given the opportunity to take an iconic “Lady Dior” and put her own spin on it.  What Doré accomplished in this visually stunning video diary was a unique travelogue documenting her trip.

This was part of a larger exhibition called “Lady Dior As Seen By” currently running in Tokyo.

This is not only a playful spin on an iconic bag, it is a thoughtful tribute to the spirit and warmth of the individuals Garance encountered during her trip.  I’ve wanted to go to Tokyo for a few years and I’m even more encouraged to go now.  This was such a joy to watch today, I had to pass this along and share; plus I wanted to congratulate Garance Doré on being honored by the CDFA when she, along with Scott Schuman will be honored with the Media Award during the CDFA Fashion Awards on June 5th.  They are the first bloggers to be honored with this award, and both have been an inspiration and motivator to continue to write about art, culture, food and music.  Garance’s blog is a delight to read because she writes it as if she were talking with you over a cup of tea.  It is one of my favorites, and I’m glad that she is being recognized for being a unique voice in the world of fashion.  Congratulations!

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